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The Stent Nozzle™ Loader (Patent Pending), model NZM, is a new breed of self-expanding stent loaders by Blockwise. It is a significant departure from the, plastic crimp-and-push style of loaders. The crimper has a tapered section at the back that lets you crimp and load the stent a small section at a time. You can process any length of stent with this short length crimper.

The build style is radically different from previous generation crimpers. The opening is more than 10x more accurate than the older mechanisms. The metal dies mean no more worrying about broken or worn plastic tips

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Model NZM Manual Stent Nozzle™ Loader

The Stent Nozzle™ mechanism uses stainless steel dies and provides a wide diameter range with very small gaps between the dies. A tapered section of the crimper allows you to stepwise process a stent that is much longer than the length of the crimper. Unlike conventional plastic stent loaders, the stent does not slide against the surface of the crimper. Instead the crimper holds the stent in place while the catheter is pushed over the top. Consequently, the dies can be made from hardened stainless steel making a much more durable and accurate mechanism. Ball bearings guide the motion of all moving elements for very low friction and long life. 

Manually actuated Stent Nozzle™ Loader with hardened stainless steel dies, 0 to 30 mm diameter range, and 6.35 mm die


  • ·Diameter range: 0- 30 mm
  • ·Straight Section Die length: 6.35 mm
  • ·Tapered Section Die Length: 25.4 mm
  • ·Die material: Hardened 17-4 stainless steel

·Nominal Die-to-Die Gap: 0.01 mm

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