BLOCKWISE Model CCB Tube Grabber for luers, tubes, etc.


BLOCKWISE Model CCB Tube Grabber for luers, tubes, etc. View Large Image

Tube Grabber Model CCB for luers, tubes, etc.

Fast, ergonomic gas or liquid connections to your product for manufacturing or testing processes such as leak or burst testing, balloon wrapping, stent crimping, coating, or just mechanical holding.

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BLOCKWISE Model CCB Tube Grabber for luers, tubes, etc. €0.00

The Blockwise Tube Grabber™ is a high pressure, panel-mounted quick connector for tubes, luer fittings, or just about anything to which you need a fluid connection. It provides a fast, ergonomic, and reliable fluid connection to your product for processing or testing. Tube grabbers are also often used for product holding, like a chuck. 

Operation is simple: Insert your luer fitting, then apply pilot pressure (either manually or automatically), causing the rubber seal to tightly grip your product, then run your process or test through the main port. Features: o Suitable for process pressures up to 300 psi [20 bar] o Panel mounting with screws from rear or, with optional bracket, from front o Large straight-through port allows guide wires or catheter tips to pass through connector o Suitable for product diameters from 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) to 8 mm (0.31 inch) o Custom-sized rubber seal for your product available for next-day shipment o Small size o Quick & safe operation 

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