BLOCKWISE Model TSE Tube Stretcher (Parison Former)


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The Tube Stretcher uses a radial compression mechanism that can accommodate tube sizes up to 9 mm. With 5 heated stainless-steel dies, it heats the plastic tubing much more quickly than non-contact dies, decreasing overall process time.

A low-profile air blower is used to protect the plastic tube from the heat of the compression mechanism as the tubing is passed

(Step 1) The tube is loaded into both grippers. Pressing the START button closes the compression mechanism, which quickly heats a 75 mm section of the tubing.

(Step 2) The compression mechanism opens, both the top and bottom grippers then move in opposite directions to stretch the tubing. The top gripper has an integrated force sensor that allows measurement and control of the tension in the tube.

(Step 3) After the 1st stretch the parison is moved through the compression mechanism to prepare for the second stretch.

(Step 4) Both grippers again move in opposite directions for the final stretch. After the process is finished the parison can be dropped into a bin below the bottom gripper.

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