NIKON METROLOGY XT H 225, Micro Focus X-Ray & CT Inspection System


NIKON METROLOGY XT H 225, Micro Focus X-Ray & CT Inspection System View Large Image
XT H 225

Detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features is often vital for quality control, failure analysis and material research. XT H 225 offers a powerful micro-focus X-ray source, a large inspection volume, and high X-ray and CT imaging resolution. XT H 225 suits a wide range of applications, including inspection of small castings, plastic parts as well as material research.

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  • Flexibility combined in a single system: X-ray for quick visual inspection, CT for in-depth analysis
  • Fast data capture and high-quality images
  • Fast operation with interactive joystick navigation
  • High-resolution digital imaging and processing
  • Embedded safety enables to operate system without any special precautions or badges
  • Tight integration with industry standard post-processing


  • Evaluation and measurement of precision plastic parts and small castings, complex mechanisms, internal components, part-to-CAD comparison, etc.
  • Fault detection and failure analysis
  • Troubleshooting of assembly issues
  • Advanced material research and analysis of biological structures
  • Digital archiving of models

System specifications

  • 5 µm focal spot reflection target X-Ray Source, 25 to 225 kV, 0 to 2000 µA (non continuous) 60 or 225 Watt.
  • 10kg capacity 5 axis fully programmable manipulator.
  • Maximum scan area 250 x 330mm.
  • Geometric magnification up to: 160x.
  • System magnification up to: 400x.
  • Feature recognition: down to 1 micron.
  • External cabinet Dimensions: 2030mm L, 925mm D, 2000mm H.
  • Full system control and image processing software.

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