NIKON METROLOGY XT V 130C, Micro Focus X-Ray Inspection


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XT V 130C

The Nikon Metrology XT V130 X-ray Inspection System is a high-precision, flexible solution that facilitates defect analysis in loaded PCB boards. Designed for 100% BGA and μBGA inspection, multi-layer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection, it is a compact, easy-to-use, and most of all, cost-effective inspection system that is an indispensable workhorse in any electronics production area. 

  • In-house micro-focus source with 3-micron focal spot size
  • Change position, angle and zoom as desired
  • 4-inch image intensifier, optically coupled to a digital CCD camera
  • Large set of 16-bit image processing tools
  • True 60° tilting angle for easy inspection of internal features



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Intuitive to use

  • Short learning curve – operational within 1 day
  • Intuitive joystick navigation
  • Large TFT screen for combined measurement and real-time analysis
  • Bar code reader to read board SN (optional)
  • Local language support

Focus on productivity

  • Large tray to load multiple boards
  • Fast automated component inspection
  • Large door with automatic interlocked X-ray off function
  • Versatile Inspect-X software for all electronics inspection applications

Safety as a design criterion

  • Full protective enclosure requires no special badges or protective clothing
  • Lead-lined cabinet fully complies to DIN 54113 radiation safety standards and CE regulation
  • Continuous fail-to-safe monitoring
  • Designed for collision-free manipulation

Low cost of ownership

  • Open X-ray tube design allows for easy maintenance of internal tube components and replacement of low-cost filaments
  • No high-voltage cable required
  • Low system weight (1150kg) avoids special floor treatment
  • Compact design easily fits double-door entries
  • Easily maneuverable through 3-wheel transportation

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