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The AequCerte is a product group designed for the surface inspection of a stent and offers a unique 100% Inspection of the ID and OD.

Where most of the available systems on the market still need an operator to make the final accept or reject decision, the AequCerte can do this for you. You can either choose for the system to present the results, or have the system do the complete evaluation automatically base on pre-set parameters. Don’t search for critical areas and re-measure them manually, but let the AequCerte do that for you.

The AequCerte offers surface inspection to its highest degree and offers the highest rate of repeatability and reproducibility in the field.


  • OD and ID inspection
  • confocal sensor: 128 measurement spots in line
  • height resolution: 130 nm 
  • >20 Mio. measurement points per 20mm stent
  • 360+ degrees surface scan
  • inspection time of a 2mm OD and 20mm long Stent: 30 seconds
  • measurement accuracy: 500 nm

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The surface of the stents will be inspected 100%. This means, 100% of the OD and ID will be scanned by a confocal system. The generated images consist of an intensity profile and height information. Both are combined in a specially developed evaluation algorithm.

Both the intensity and the height profile can highlight a defect on the stent surface. Either based on the pre-set parameters or based on the operator evaluation the stent can be rejected or accepted.

In order for the operator to easily scroll through the images and find defect locations we developed a intuitive user interface including an defect finder.

Please note that the image of the stent was blurred because of confidentiality agreements.

The areas that are marked with a yellow or red color are areas with defects. In case of a evaluation performed by the software, this stent would be rejected based on the marked areas. The operator or administrator is now capable of running through the images and quickly find the defects.

Once a defect is located, the operator or administrator can even zoom into more detail and analyse the 3D profile of the stent in that specific area.

All information for a accept or reject decision is now available, either for the operator to make the decision or for the NSI-7 to make the decision.

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