NSI-7 GeoCerte Geometry Inspection


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The GeoCerte is a product group designed for the geometry inspection of a stent.

Where most of the available systems on the market still need an operator to make the final accept or reject decision, the GeoCerte can do this for you. You can either choose for the system to present the results, or have the system do the complete evaluation automatically base on pre-set parameters.

The GeoCerte offers geometry inspection to its highest degree and offers the highest rate of repeatability and reproducibility in the field.


  • 100% width measurement
  • strut deformation inspection
  • 8k Linescan camera: 8192 measurement points
  • resolution: 1 x 1 µm
  • 360+ degrees surface scan
  • inspection time Ø2mm-20mm Stent: 30 seconds
  • measurement accuracy: 0,001 mm
  • operator assisted or pass/fail decision by the software 
  • landmark inspection
  • pattern matching
  • operator assisted surface inspection

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The geometry of the stents will be inspected 100%. This means, 100% of the OD will be scanned and converted to a stiched geometry image of the whole stent.

The stiched image is then being evaluated by an algorithm that brings the stent back to its bare structure. The information generated and captured in this structure already includes the 100% of the width information of the stent.

The structure is now further analysed and all joints, end points and struts are beging calculated by the next algorithm. This part of the algorthm is where the user can match the stent to a golden template like a previously taken image of the stent, or a pre-loaded CAD file.

Finally, the stent is being inspected according to its pre-defined tolerances. Different parts of the stent can have different tolerances and this is where the administrator has the capability of setting the parameters.

Besides the tolerances, the administrator can also pre-set landmarks in certain areas of the stent. These landmarks are specifically used for the inspection and will be captured in the inspection report.

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