BLOCKWISE Model GPJ Simple Pneumatic Powered Crimper


BLOCKWISE Model GPJ Simple Pneumatic Powered Crimper View Large Image

Simple pneumatic powered crimper

Diameter RangeWorking Length
0-5.5 mm 6.3 mm

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BLOCKWISE Model GPJ Simple Pneumatic Powered Crimper €0.00

The Blockwise Short Crimpers (patent pending) are 6-jaw radial compression mechanisms that can radially compress parts such as marker bands, electrical or mechanical ferrules, or steel tubing or bands as part of an assembly process. Parts are formed into a hexagonal shape by the 6 jaws. Compared to collet crimpers, the Blockwise short crimpers cover a wide diameter range without tooling changes and provide a crimp with less flash. The mechanism uses Blockwise “Zero-G™” technology, eliminating gaps between the dies. We define a “short crimper” as one with short working length (typically less than 10 mm), while a “stent crimper” has a longer working length, and typically also more dies. 

Because the length of the dies is only 6.4 mm (0.25 inch) on the model GPC, the compression force is concentrated in a small area and the pressures can be high. Dies are made from hardened stainless steel. The Blockwise short crimper is commonly used to crimp electrical or mechanical ferrules in sizes down to 0.012 inch diameter. The mechanism provides a precisely-shaped hexagonal center opening even at very small diameters.

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