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InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms are joined in a matrix by fine, precise strands of solder which, during the soldering process, melt and flow to adjacent pads to give you complete preform separation.


InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms save assembly time and labor costs by allowing simultaneous placement of all the solder preforms needed on connector pins, Pin Grid Arrays (PGAs) and other multiple-pad/pin components. They solve both assembly and product design challenges by allowing users to specify fabrications in the most complex arrays, including those which would be impossible or cost-prohibitive to produce by conventional methods. Arrays can even be designed with built-in frames to improve handling in manual assembly processes.

InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms can also be used in non-array configurations for applications such as vacuum, cryogenic sealing, and other mechanical assembly operations

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Available Metals and Alloys

Pure indium, tin, lead and silver, or any combination thereof, can be made into InTEGRATED® Solder Preform. Upon request, other metals and alloys will be evaluated for their applicability to InTEGRATED® Solder Preform technology.

Array Pitch Tolerance - Non-Accumulative

Center to center accuracy can be held to +/-.0002".

Physical Dimensions

Because specification limitations vary by alloy, preform thickness and shape, and other considerations, please consult with our sales or technical staff for recommendations related to your specific application.

Reflow Methods

InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms are compatible with most reflow methods such as: I/R, Laser, Vapor Phase, Conduction, Convection or Hot-Air Guns.


Standard packaging consists of rigid-board folders in argon-filled poly bags. Custom packaging is available upon request.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of solder preforms is dependent on the alloy composition. Pb-free alloys, and alloys with lead content of less than 70%, have a shelf life of 1-year from the date of manufacture (DOM). Alloys with lead content >70% have a shelf life of 6-months from the DOM.

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