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The NEW Hygea 1 is a compact, fully CFPP / HTM Compliant Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner designed specifically for cleaning dental instruments prior to sterilisation. Incorporating Ultrawave’s ultrasonic technology, the Hygea 1 delivers rapid and effective cleaning results, maximising patients’ and nurses’ safety.

Not all ultrasonic cleaners are the same! UK Healthcare guidelines state that ultrasonic cleaners for dental instruments must have a locking lid and provide cycle validation and traceability. Generic ultrasonic baths used for cleaning jewellery and other items, are not sufficient for the dental industry.

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  • Excellent cleaning: Ultrawave’s proven ultrasonic technology ensure instruments are cleaned effectively and successfully in just 10 minutes
  • Traceability: The Hygea 1 has an in-built memory card port that records the data and results of every cycle
  • Interlocking lid: Prevents instruments from being removed or inserted without invalidating the cycle, ensure traceable processing
  • Increased throughput: With a two-tier basket system, the Hygea allows a larger number of instruments to be processed in one cycle, without overloading the basket
  • Programmable: The Hygea 1 is easily programmed through its digital control, with thermostatic over temperature cut off to prevent the risk of protein coagulation
  • Safety: By eliminating the need for manual scrubbing, the risk of sharps injuries is significantly lowered.

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