BLOCKWISE Model TTR2 with J-Crimp™ Compression Station


BLOCKWISE Model TTR2 with J-Crimp™ Compression Station View Large Image

With a decade of service in radial force testing the J-Crimp™ is a proven choice. We recommend you select this model unless you need a bigger size, higher force, or special features. High precision, very low friction, no die-to-die wear, high durability.

Diameter: 0-16 mm
Length: 62, 124 mm
Max Radial Force: 660 N
Radial Force Typical Friction Level: +/-0.4 N
Diameter Resolution: .00074 mm
Radial Force Resolution: .006 N

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The Blockwise Tensile Testing Machine Model TTR2 is a tabletop machine designed to measure the radially-outward force of a stent or similar device, as a function of its diameter
  • Purpose-Built Software
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Calibrate

The TTR2 uses a rotating-nut-type stepper motor linear actuator to move the input arm of a low-friction radial compression mechanism. Motion of the input arm causes the opening diameter to change. The diameter of the opening is measured by an encoder on the stepper motor. The linear force is measured by a precision force transducer and converted to radial force

Various sizes of Blockwise metal compression stations may be attached to the machine. Compression stations can be quickly removed and replaced. All of the compression stations feature low friction and linear relationship of stroke to diameter. To obtain the lowest friction and lowest purchase cost, choose the smallest mechanism that accommodates your size range. Temperature control systems are optional, and are sold as part of the compression stations. Some compression stations use heaters embedded in the dies, while others use an overall oven-type enclosure. Temperature may be set in the range of room temperature to 50C (most typically 37C).

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